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In our Medina, we have taken diversity into consideration so that everyone can enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Live new adventures in the streets and alleys of our medieval city with your half. Taste ancient flavors in our kingdoms of gastronomic experiences. Try new activities from our Story recreated in our theme parks with your family and head home full of memories

Traditions, history and scenery, answer the call of the magic of the Medina with our worship walk

It will surprise you with its streets, streets and alleys, its spaces and its modest storefronts, with its noble materials, with its ornamental style largely drawn from the Tunisian historical legacy, its most emblematic souks of the Muslim world fondouks al-baghdadi, khan al-khalili, al-Hamidiya, al-Atarine, souk Marrakech .. Its unusual museums, its art galleries where several paintings paintings make you relive the dazzling atmosphere of Arab palaces and royal courts.

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Embrace the lifestyle medina

Stroll through the souks, admire monuments, relive for a while the adventure of the Barbary corsairs or the charms of Sheherazade, go to the hammam and discover its virtues, sip a Turkish coffee or mint tea, go to the museum, cinema, like at the casino, have a swim in the sea or in pools, attend a conference, go dine, dance, relax and take the kids to Carthage land, a beautiful theme park ...

Tastes and Flavors

The medina is still scented with old flavors carefully preserved and revisited
Its several cafes that line the rahba, the big place where you can take a "Turkish" coffee with orange blossom or sip a good tea with mint and pine nuts, smoking hookah, playing cards, chkouba / skopa, this Catalan game that arrived in Tunisia via Sicily.Its restaurants that serve modernity and tradition through a wide range of refined dishes in places to enjoy without moderation. Chorba, brick, tajine, passing by the essential ojja, chakchouka, without forgetting the famous couscous with the thousands recipes: exoticism and freshness tailored and prepared minutely on low heat.


For lovers of dinner shows our prestigious restaurant Scheherazade welcomes you for a wonderful dinner that you are not ready to forget.
Impressive percussion tours, magical dances and breathtaking choreographies, sumptuous costumes and musical choices, all in a setting and staging inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights. You will be served as kings of his creative, traditional cuisine where gastronomy and flavors will be highlighted.
Let the show begin!

Carthage land

The park of our recreated History From Barbaric pirate invasions to modern times, mythical expedition to the heart of Carthaginian life!
Live an unforgettable journey back in time, embark on unknown seas at Carthageland. A gigantic and magical play park with iconic characters, places of memory on certain milestones.
Spectacular shows, epic adventures and thrills for the whole family with a choice from water parks and adventures to traditional entertainment parks. Children, teenagers and grown-ups can play and move from one era to another, having fun with the attractions of another time. Many things to do for a day out of the ordinary.

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