Medina Hotels & Resorts : Maximum fun for all ages

Maybe because it's a great way to save money and not worry about unplanned expenses but more than anything because it makes us focus on the one thing that matters: the serenity of the holidays , the pleasure of enjoying every moment and having fun with friends or family.

During the last decades, the concept of animation has evolved from a dimension based essentially on simple activities to a more complex one of inculcating, creating a climate and dynamism where it is present.

Medina Hotels & Resorts has created some successful All Inclusive recipes to help everyone meet their hospitality needs.

Whatever the chosen hotel, you have the animation around you. Swimming pools, Kids Club, various activities ... Our hotels are a paradise where relaxation, energy and fun coexist in perfect harmony.

And speaking of fun, one of the reasons travelers love us is that we have unique animation teams. "Being an animator is more than a job, is a lifestyle, a form of life, always in touch with people, at their disposal, always happy and ready to prosper" (Gilbert Trigano - one of the founders of Club Med). People well educated, passionate, with joy of life and who make sure that the time spent with them is a unique experience, our animators are the joy of your stays, according to the unanimous opinion of the customers.

For adults, various activities during the day (volleyball, polo, dance, archery etc) and at night different themed live shows.

For children there are mini clubs where the animators train them to different activities throughout the day. So parents and children enjoy their own time in tranquility.

You will soon see how Medina hotels will become favorite places in the region of Yasmine Hammamet.